Easy DIY Sequin Hat

May 5, 2016

When I first saw one of the infamous Eugenia Kim hats, I instantly fell in love. But with a $485 price tag (not even joking), I knew it was never going to happen unless I suddenly won the lottery. After pining after them on Instagram for weeks, I finally realized that I could just make one of my own! The best part is that this whole DIY costs less than $20.

This is one of my favorite DIYs I’ve ever done! I had so much fun doing it and loved the end result so much I almost contemplated quitting my day job and making hats (kind of still considering it). Let’s get started!

What you’ll need: a floppy hat (this hat is from Target, but this one would make a great option), scissors, a glue gun, sequin trim, and a pencil


First, decide what saying you want on your hat. My heart was set on ‘wish you were here’, but here are some other cute ideas:

-Do not disturb

-Leave a message

-Out of office

-Life’s a beach

-Rosé all day

-Always on vacay


Once you’ve decided on a saying, grab a pencil and trace it out on the hat. You have to press pretty hard, but it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake!


From there, outline the sequin trim on the first letter and cut the end. Sometimes the sequins fall off, so give yourself some extra room when you cut, just in case. I found it easiest to do one or two letters at a time, because the hot glue will dry too fast if you try to do a bunch at once!


Clean up all the hot glue gun strings, and voila! You have an adorable hat that is perfect for summer. I can’t wait to wear mine to the beach!

Sequin-hat-DIY_1 Sequin-hat-DIY_2

Have fun! If you end up making the hat, tag me on Instagram (@devonhembury) so I can see! 😉



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