My December Bucket List

December 13, 2017

I know we’re already almost in the middle of December, but since I’ve been out of commission the past couple weeks, I’m just getting this post up now! I always have a ton of things I want to do during the holidays, and every year I only cross a few off my list. Since I’ve already missed out on the first two weeks of the season being sick, it makes it all the more challenging, but I’m determined to at least do a few Christmas-y things! My apartment is super festive and I’ve been watching way too many Hallmark movies these days, so I’m really feeling the Christmas spirit.

Here’s my December bucket list:

Get a Christmas tree for my apartment (my first Christmas tree!)
-Decorate my apartment for Christmas
-See a Christmas show
-Bake cookies with my mom
-Drink eggnog by the fire
-Go for fancy Christmas cocktails at a festive restaurant
-Wear as much plaid as possible
-Write my new year’s resolutions
-See the Christmas lights at Harrison St.
-Decorate my parents tree
-Watch all my favorite Christmas movies
-Drink hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps
-Have a Christmas eve gathering with family

What’s on your December bucket list?




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