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Weekend Getaway Essentials

August 17, 2016

Even though everyone is talking about fall, there’s still a lot of summer left, people! There are plenty of weekends left to get out of town and head somewhere fun. In fact, I have lots of summery trips planned for September- I pretty much have a trip every weekend! I don’t know why they couldn’t have been more spaced out throughout the summer, but oh well. With all my getaways on my mind, I couldn’t resist thinking about what to pack.…

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Favorite Weekender Bags

June 16, 2016

Summer is here and that means alllllll the weekend trips! Ever since I bought my new little weekender bag a few months ago I’ve been wanting to do a round-up of all the ones I’m loving. Lately there have been SO many adorable overnight bags that make me want to just pack up and head on a spontaneous weekend road trip. Packing is never fun, but it’s not too bad if you have a super cute bag! I mean, how cute…

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