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How To Cozy Up Your Bedroom this Fall

October 5, 2016

Image via Lindsey Marcella Whenever fall rolls around, I love to update my bedroom with cozy touches. Even the simplest of things, like adding a chunky knit blanket or getting some new candles can really get you into the fall spirit. Fall is all about having a cozy space that you can spend cuddled up on chilly nights! These are some of my favorite (and super easy) ways to update your bedroom decor for fall. 1. Fall candles. Pumpkin spice, cinnamon,…

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Weekly Budget Buy

July 27, 2016

Happy Hump day, friends! I’m starting a new series called ‘Weekly Budget Buy’, where I’m going to share a fun new budget find every week. All items will be under $50 (let’s be real, most of them will probably be under $25), and will range from clothes to shoes to home decor. I thought this would be a great way to showcase the little things I’m loving each week! This week’s find is this adorable ampersand marquee! I snagged this…

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Top Five 2016 Calendars

January 8, 2016

I was about to flip the page of my calendar this morning when I realized it’s time for a new one! It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with cute office items and decor, so of course I get way too excited at the thought of buying a new calendar every year (it’s the little things, okay?!). I rounded up 5 of my favorites (no easy feat, there are so many adorable ones out there!) to share with you in case you are…

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Nail Polish Storage

May 29, 2014

Does anyone else have as much trouble as I do with storing their nail polish? I have dozens of colors and I have them “stored” in a makeup bag that they are busting out of, and as a result they end up cluttering places like my coffee table and desk. Although it’s a little late to add anything to my apartment since I’ll be moving out in a couple weeks, I wanted to find some ways for polish hoarders like me…

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