Carry On Essentials

October 20, 2016

Another hard part of packing for a long trip (or any trip) is what to pack in your carry on. Over the years, I’ve gotten a system down with my go-to products that I have to have on flights. There are certain things that are just SO nice to have with you in your carry on, like most of your toiletries, tissues, gum, etc. There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a long flight and forgetting an essential product! These are all the items I’ll be taking on my 10.5 hour flight to London tomorrow (OMG IT’S TOMORROW). The main theme throughout these items is comfort, comfort, comfort! On a long flight, you want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. So whether that means bringing along a sleeping mask to help you fall asleep, or making sure to wear cozy socks to beat the airplane chill, comfort is key. These are my carry on essentials!

Neck Pillow // Hand Cream // Headphones // Lip Balm

Book // Passport Case // Blanket Scarf // Water Bottle

Kind Bar // Socks // Hand Sanitizer // Laptop Case

Glasses // Deodorant // Gum // Makeup Bag

Pain Relievers // Dry Shampoo // Tissues // Eye Mask // Tote Bag

What are your in flight travel essentials?



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  • I love this– I’m actually currently reading “All the Light We Cannot See” (so far so good!).

    I’m all about functionality when it comes to travel: I don’t want to have to faff around with a bunch of different pieces in security or at a kiosk or when I’m getting off the plane, because that’s just annoying. I like to pack minimalist with my hand luggage and as long as I’ve got headphones, lip balm, wallet, a book and my phone I’m pretty much okay! (Although I prefer to have a snack, hand sanitizer and gum as well…) 🙂