Calligraphy Workshop San Diego

April 18, 2017

For years I had wanted to take a calligraphy workshop, and I finally went to one a couple months back! I had THE best time. I meant to get this post up right after, but it just fell off my radar– oops! It was really amazing, so I thought I would share a little bit about my experience in case any of you were thinking of signing up for a calligraphy workshop (which you totally should).

Here’s what I learned:

It’s harder than I thought

Not to be conceited, but I have great handwriting. I’ve always loved writing (all my doodles in my school notebooks were pretty cursive words). Since I already have good handwriting, I thought how hard could calligraphy really be? I didn’t necessarily think it would be easy by any means, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so hard. It’s no joke! Just getting used to holding the pen correctly and getting the correct motion down took me quite a while! Everyone else was in the same boat, so it was fine, but it was surprising how long it took me to get the hang of it. It wasn’t hard enough that it wasn’t fun or anything like that, it was just a challenge–which I liked!

A LOT of practice makes perfect

It sounds bad, but I get tend to get frustrated when I’m not immediately good at something. I’m working on it, but it’s a struggle! I know that practice makes perfect, but learning calligraphy taught me that a LOT of practice makes perfect. Although the workshop was 3 hours long, I could have spent 3 hours simply practicing a couple letters over and over. It left me feeling motivated and inspired to keep practicing once I got home!

It’s very therapeutic

As challenging as it was at times, I really enjoyed it. Writing the same letters over and over sounds like it would be terribly boring, but it’s quite the opposite. There’s something therapeutic in all the repetition! It’s really soothing to be focused on something that’s not a phone or computer, and to be working with your hands. Plus, you can really see the difference from your first letter or phrase to your last. It’s nice to work hard on something and actually see your progress!

Overall, I had a blast at the workshop. I want to make calligraphy a real hobby of mine! I love the act of actually creating something, and again, it really is soothing and relaxing.  It was so much fun getting to mingle with other creative ladies, sip on wine, and nibble on some delicious appetizers. Plus, you get to keep the pen and ink, so you can easily practice at home. If you’re thinking about signing up for a workshop, DO IT!

The one I attended was at Pigment, one of my all time favorite stores in San Diego. They have a separate little event room that’s pretty much the cutest thing ever (because everything Pigment does is amazing). The instructor was Jenna Rainey from Mon Voir, and she was so great and helpful! Her Instagram is so incredible– check her out here.

Pigment has another calligraphy workshop coming up in May! If you’re interested, you can find out more here. I wish I could do another one!



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