Cabo Travel Diary

April 27, 2017

Happy Friday eve!

This is my last post from Cabo, yay! I honestly loved Mexico so much, I’m already dreaming about going back. Going through these photos is making me crave a margarita and guacamole SO BAD.

So this isn’t that exciting of a travel diary considering we really didn’t do much, but I wanted to share more about our trip in a different way than I’ve done before! Also, you might want to sit down with a cup of coffee (or a margarita) for this one because it’s a bit photo heavy. Oops!

Day 1

We were up super early for our 7:30 am flight, and we actually flew out of Tijuana airport. After doing some research, I found that it was hundreds of dollars cheaper to fly out of TJ than from San Diego (we flew on Volaris, by the way). Since the border is only a 25-30 minute drive, we thought what the heck! Let’s try it. We took an Uber down and crossed the border via CBX, which was the easiest and most hassle-free thing ever. It’s $30 roundtrip to cross, and I would totally recommend it.

After landing in Cabo, we went to pick up our rental car. I was originally kind of annoyed that Dave got a rental car, because it’s not like we were going to drive it anywhere other than to and from the airport. But I totally stand corrected. Since we were staying in Los Cabos, it’s about an hour from the airport, and shuttles are expensive– the ones we saw were like $100 one way. AND we would have had to wait for them to drop everyone off. No thanks! Renting a car was way cheaper and super convenient. If you’re looking to save a little, I’d definitely recommend it!

We ended up staying at a condo-resort that we booked via Airbnb called Terrasol. Even though they’re all privately owned condos, the property has a very resort-like feel. There’s a beautiful lobby where you check in with someone at the front desk, there’s a restaurant with a swim-up bar, two pools, and it’s on the beach. The landscape was absolutely beautiful, too. It was one of our favorite parts! There were no giant grassy areas or anything like that, it was all right on the sand and blended in with the beach. PLUS it was super quiet and basically kid free. It was awesome.

On our first day, we had amazing tacos for lunch and then sat on our patio and some tequila and a few Corona Lights. And by a few, I mean a bit too many for me. I was so relaxed that I definitely had one (or 3)  more than I should have…OOPS. But hey, when in Mexico, right?!

We headed to town for dinner and watched the sunset over the marina (even in my drunken state), and it was pretty darn perfect. We sat on the side of the marina and watched all the boats come in for the day…it was so relaxing!

Day 2

Instead of grabbing breakfast at the restaurant onsite, we decided to go on a hungover trek to find a breakfast burrito in town. BAD MOVE. Apparently breakfast burritos aren’t a thing in Mexico. They’re an American thing.

Who knew?

We passed a few super touristy spots open for breakfast, but really wanted something more authentic (even though apparently breakfast burritos are in fact, not authentic) so we kept trudging along and headed to the outskirts of the main tourist area. We found a tiny…shack, basically that had a couple people in it having breakfast so we thought what the heck. Let’s be adventurous and have an Anthony Bourdain moment. Well…….it was definitely authentic. But I’m pretty sure they used MSG or something because it was the saltiest food I’ve ever tasted. All in all, I’m glad we ventured out and now we have a pretty funny story to tell– Dave repeating “desayuno burrito” to the little boy taking our order is one of the funniest things that ever happened.

After our morning adventure, we headed back and layed by the pool all day, only breaking to switch pools and get margaritas and more tacos at the swim up bar. I have to say, the food at the restaurant at the condo resort was SO GOOD. Everything was super fresh and the guac and pico de gallo were freshly made every day. I’m craving it again, dang it!

Before dinner, we took a couple of beers down to the beach and sat and watched the sunset. It was so magical. Sitting on the beach in the warm air, sipping a Corona Light….all was right in the world.

Day 3

We played it safe in the morning and went to the resort restaurant for breakfast. It was delicious! We got huevos rancheros (my fave) and the amazing pancakes they make– I think they had kahlua, cinnamon and coconut milk in them. Aka they were insane.

As you’re supposed to do in Cabo, we did nothing all day except lie by the pool. I read my book (finished Big Little Lies!), we got more guacamole from the swim up bar, more margaritas, rinse and repeat. It’s a good life down there. It really is.

We did the same thing as the previous night and took beers to the beach for sunset (and took these photos). Again, it was so beautiful and magical. The sunsets there are UNREAL.

Day 4

We woke up, got more pancakes, and started packing our bags. We hung out a little bit but didn’t have too much time before checking out. I was genuinely sad to be leaving! I guess it’s just a sign that we’ll have to go back soon. 😉

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Already can’t wait to be back!



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