Busy bee

July 20, 2014

The past few days I’ve been unusually busy running around town doing random errands. When I know it’s going to be a long day, sometimes it’s hard to beat shorts and a t-shirt. This edition of jeans +tee features my favorite camo/striped shirt from Gap that I got on sale a few months ago. My shorts were previously jeans, but I DIYed them and made them into cute cutoffs! They’ve become my new favorite pair of shorts, and I never used to wear them when they were jeans. Next time you’re bored, find a pair you never wear and try it (shopping in your own closet rules!)

     DSC_0166 DSC_0167 DSC_0168 DSC_0178

{Top: Gap // Shorts: Joe’s Jeans // Bag: Target // Shoes: Converse // Watch: Target // Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson}



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