Burgundy Skirt

October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!

I didn’t really do anything for Halloween this year. I felt like it totally snuck up on me. I totally had intentions of dressing up last weekend and today, but in the end just didn’t feel inspired enough to figure out a costume. Lame excuse, I know! Also, since we’re heading to Hawaii in a few days (!!), I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money at the bars last weekend, so not doing anything was the more practical option. There’s always next year! I put up a throwback Halloween photo of Dave and I on my Twitter if you want a laugh. 🙂

I actually found this skirt in my closet a couple weeks ago with the tags still on it…oops! I remember buying it at the end of the season last year and then never got around to wearing it. Finding it with the tags on was a good reminder for me to shop in my closet a bit more! I’m so glad I found this skirt, because I’ve been wearing it all the time lately, especially with the hot weather we’ve been having. Actually, the past two days the weather has been AMAZING and finally cool. Yay!

I wore the skirt here with my trusty gingham button down that I’ve had for years, and my new favorite loafer mules. I swear, I’ve been wearing these shoes nonstop these days! They go with pretty much everything, and I love that they make any outfit feel a little bit trendy. I can’t wait to re-wear this look with booties and a cardigan when it’s chilly out!

Also…I straightened my hair right before we took these photos, and it turned to frizz in about .05 seconds. I almost wasn’t even going to post these because of how annoyed I was with my hair, but I figured this is real life and sometimes your hair just doesn’t cooperate. We’ve all been there, right?! So bear with the frizzy and not quite straight, not quite curly hair. 🙂 #curlyhairprobs

Shop this look here:

Button Down: C.Wonder, old (similar here and here) // Skirt: Old Navy, old (similar here and here)

Loafer Mules: Target // Bag: Kate Spade, old (similar here)



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