Best Chocolate Cake Ever

September 22, 2014

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all making it through Monday! Last week was my Dad’s birthday, and since he’s a big chocoholic (I take after him in that regard), I figured I would make him the best chocolate cake ever. I’d been wanting to make Ina Garten’s chocolate cake recipe for a while now but didn’t have an excuse until now!

Guys, this was some seriously amazing cake.

It was perfectly moist, and the secret ingredient was *coffee* which made it 1,000x more amazing. The coffee really helped balance out the sweetness of the chocolate and made it absolutely perfect. If you get the chance to try this recipe, DO IT! I didn’t have time to take pictures during the baking process as I was a bit pressed for time, but here is how the cake turned out:

{Ina’s Chocolate Cake Recipe & Video}

Happy Baking!



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