Apartment Inspiration

March 23, 2017


I got an apartment!! If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that I’ve been living with my parents/bouncing back and forth between their place and Dave’s apartment for the past couple of years since graduating college. Although living at home has been great, and I will miss it, I just really can’t wait to have my own space again. Plus, as a person who thrives off of routine, it’s been definitely difficult at times with all the bouncing back and forth and never really feeling settled. All I can say is I am BEYOND excited to finally have my own place, and I’m thrilled to also be living with one of my good friends! I can’t wait to share my home decor journey with you guys, so stay tuned for a lot more posts. 🙂

Naturally, I’ve been pinning like crazy and coming up with tons of inspiration for decorating. I’m getting a ton of cool mid century pieces from my mom and aunt (both their houses are like vintage goldmines) so I need to find a good way to incorporate all the pieces (think: teak console, dressers, funky side tables) without it looking like a bunch of random stuff. I’m so lucky that we’ll have a bunch of really cool pieces to start off with (and bonus: they’re FREE) so we don’t have to run around buying tons of stuff right away. Plus, I love anything mid century modern, so I’m excited to have a theme to go off of!

Here’s a mood board of sorts with what I’m dreaming about for the apartment!

Shop these pieces here:

Rug // Fuzzy Pink Pillow // Coffee Table // Floor Lamp

Navy Sofa // Paris Print

Round Mirror // Fiddle Leaf Fig // Mid Century Console



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  • Adore the mid-century console! If it were up to me my whole house would be decorated in that style!!!!!! I’ve followed you on Instagram for a while but have never visited your blog until now. It’s fun to get to know you a bit better on here! I can relate with the living with the parents. I still live with mine and really cannot afford to live on my own right now.


    • devonhembury@yahoo.com

      Oh my gosh I know, I can’t get enough of mid-century right now!! And I totally know what you’re going through living with your parents. Even though I’m super close to my parents it was still a challenge at times, and so hard not having my own space. I definitely couldn’t have moved out without living at home for a couple of years though! Thanks so much for following along Katie! 🙂