A Message

August 15, 2013

After moving into my new apartment this year, my mother gave me the prettiest gold necklace. It is reminiscent of the love key chain from the Sex and the City movie which I used to own until it broke.  It was such a sweet little gift and I love it so much. Sometimes little gestures like this really do mean the most.

The other day at work, this old man who comes in every day looked at my necklace and said “A message?”, and I said, “Yes, love”. He replied, “A good message”. I then realized that it is a good message, and an important one. So often lately I feel like I’ve been giving off a vibe that is much the opposite of love. Bad luck has plagued me this summer and my outlook definitely is a reflection of that. I have known that I need to create more positive energy in my life for a while now, but for some reason his comment really drove it home for me. I need to make a conscious effort to push the negativity out of my life and let love in.

So, here’s to love.

{Nordstrom Love Pendant Necklace}



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