5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in September

August 30, 2017

Can you believe September is in two days?!? I feel like I say this at the start of every new month, but August seriously flew by. I had so much going on this month that I barely had time to look up! After looking at my calendar today, I realized September is already going to be the same. I have a few things that I’m really excited about, so I thought I would share what I’m looking forward to this month!

1 // Lake Tahoe for Labor Day

Dave and I are meeting two of my best friends in Lake Tahoe for the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. We’re leaving on Friday and I seriously can’t wait! We got a super cute Airbnb with a hot tub, a barbecue, and a nice deck…I hope it’s as cute as it looks in the pictures, haha. We’re planning on hiking, relaxing at the beach, and just exploring!

2 // My Dad’s Birthday Party

My dad has gone through some pretty crazy stuff in the past few years (broke his back boblsedding…long story, and he just beat cancer this year), so we are having a birthday party and “celebration of life” party for him in September. This party is going to be a HUGE blowout. Like, he’s getting a Phil’s BBQ truck, an ice cream truck, a DJ…the whole nine. We’re having it down at the hangar where he works so it’s going to be an amazing venue, too! Pretty much the next few weeks are going to be full on party planning mode.

3 // Football Season

Football season is back this month!! I’m a huge football fan (remember this post?) and I can’t wait to spend Sundays on the couch eating chili and watching football. Although, now that the Chargers are gone (don’t even get me started), I’m not exactly sure who I’m rooting for these days, but nevertheless I’m pumped for football to be back!

4 // San Diego Restaurant Week

San Diego Restaurant Week is September 24-Oct 1st and it’s the best. I always love when restaurant week rolls around because you can get amazing deals at some of the best and newest restaurants in San Diego. One of my favorite (and most cost effective) things to do is to make a lunch or brunch reservation. Lunch reservations are usually like $15-20 for a couple of courses, which is such a steal for nice restaurants!

5 // The Start of Fall

Fall officially begins on September 22nd! Can you believe it?! Even though we don’t have much of a fall here in San Diego, I still love everything about the season. I’m so ready for crisp mornings, to start wearing plaid skirts and sweaters, and to do fun fall things like apple picking (and have Dave make an apple pie…ha!) and pumpkin picking. I can’t wait to get some cute pumpkins to decorate the apartment with!

What are you guys looking forward to this September?



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