Fall Pieces Worth the Investment

September 27, 2016

At the end of every summer, I go through my closet and do a big clean out. I evaluate what pieces I need to get rid of and where I have holes in my wardrobe that need filling. I always end up going a little crazy with my fall shopping, but it’s so hard not to! How are you supposed to resist cozy sweaters and flannels?! Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m really trying to focus on buying key staple pieces that I’ll use season after season instead of buying trendy pieces that I end up tossing the next year (adulting is hard, am I right?). I narrowed it down to five staple pieces for fall that I know are worth every penny: nice leather boots, a timeless bag, a classic coat, a tailored blazer, and a cashmere sweater. Biting the bullet and buying pricier pieces is so hard for us girls on a budget, but if you’re looking to update your fall wardrobe, these investment pieces are must haves. You can never go wrong with the classics!

1. Boots // 2. Handbag

3. Coat // 4. Blazer // 5. Sweater

What are you investing in this fall?



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