2017 Highlights

December 27, 2017

What a year.

This year is ending completely, 100% different than how it started out. When it started, I was panicking about not having a job and desperate to move out of my parents house. Almost a year later and I have a job (technically two jobs!), and a great apartment with a roommate I love. It’s crazy what can happen in a year.

The year started off a little rocky with my job search and feeling like I was never going to get a job. Right around the same time, we found out my dad had cancer, which was devastating. The first few months of the year were me commuting over an hour to work, my dad being sick, and a seemingly never ending apartment/roommate search. Then, slowly, things started falling into place. I found an apartment and an old friend became my roommate, my dad’s chemo was working, and life started to get back to normal again. I visited my best friends in San Francisco, my oldest friend got married and I was lucky enough to be in her wedding, we celebrated Dave’s sister having twins, threw an EPIC party to celebrate my dad, my roommate got engaged, spent a week in Hawaii, I turned 25, and we spent Christmas in New York. It’s been a crazy year. I have a feeling next year is going to be even crazier, but I can’t wait.

Here are some of my favorite memories from this year!

Our trip to Cabo was one of the best trips ever. We drank too many margaritas, ate too much guacamole, and had the most relaxing time ever.

Emily’s bachelorette party in Santa Barbara was a total blast. It was the first bachelorette party I’ve ever been so, and it was SO much fun celebrating her!

I flew up to San Francisco to visit my best friends, and had so much fun eating and drinking our way through the city.

Emily’s wedding! It was the first time I was in a wedding, and it was such an amazing experience. Love this girl so much!

I spent the weekend in LA with my parents and my cousins. We shopped on Melrose, had Korean bbq, and explored downtown LA!

Lake Tahoe became my new happy place. We spent Labor Day weekend with my best friends and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Guys, when are we going back??

We threw a HUGE party to celebrate my dad’s birthday and him being healthy!! It was “Staying Alive” disco themed and SO much fun.

I will never forget our weekend in Santa Ynez. Drinking wine from a 22 liter bottle and riding atvs through the vineyards are two of my favorite memories from the whole year.

Hawaii, of course! Our Hawaii trip was so incredible. From off roading to sushi to drinking allllll the mai tais, it was one for the books.

We spontaneously decided to spend Christmas in New York and it was the best decision ever. I’ll do a full recap soon, but NYC during Christmastime was so magical and the best way to end the year.

Here’s to 2018!!



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