2017 Fitness Goals

January 10, 2017

I have a total love-hate relationship with fitness. Sometimes I’ll go through a phase where I’m a total fitness freak and work out 5x a week, only eating smoothies and salads. Other times, I’ll go for weeks (or months, let’s be real) without working out, and eating pretty much whatever I feel like. I’m hoping that this year I can find a healthy balance between the two! I’m happy to say that I kicked off the new year strong by working out quite a bit last night and eating pretty healthy (I mean, I made zoodles!!). At least I’m starting off on the right foot. 😉 I’m all about resolutions this year, so I thought I would lay out some fitness goals to keep myself motivated!

1 // Stick with a workout routine

Since I’m usually a combination of busy and lazy, this one is going to be especially hard for me. But I want to stick to a routine of working out at least 3 times a week. I think it’s a good, realistic goal to have. If I work out more, that’s great, but I think 3 days is still pretty solid. Starting the routine is the hard part, but once I get it going, things are only going to get easier (hopefully)!

2 // Try new classes

One thing I know I want to do is try more different workout classes! I don’t know why, but workout classes totally used to intimidate me. I’m not the most athletic or coordinated person, so trying a new physical activity in front of a ton of new people just wasn’t my favorite thing. But after my first experience with spin last year, I’ve been so inspired to try alllllll the new classes! For all my San Diegans out there, you definitely need to try spin at Pure Indoor Cycling. Their classes are so challenging and so much fun. The best part is you can try out your first class for free! You can reserve a ride here.

3 // Find my favorite classes and stick with them

Although I want to try lots of new things, I also want to find classes that I absolutely love and want to keep coming back to. Not only do I want to find classes I love, but I want to find places with great instructors that I’m comfortable with, too. It will be really nice to have certain classes that I’m confident about and where I know and love the instructors. Yoga and pilates are just a couple that I’d really like to start doing consistently. Also, spin class at Pure is definitely one that will be part of my routine since I love spin, the instructors, and the studio is so beautiful I could pretty much live in it!

Top: Marshalls (love this one for only $7!!) // Pants: Marshalls (love these!)

Shoes: Nike (seriously the best purchase EVER and they come in so many colors!!)

Sports Bra: Marshalls (this one is super similar)

What are your fitness goals this year? I’d love to hear!



Thank you to Pure Indoor Cycling for collaborating on this post!

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