10 Ways To Style A White Button Down

February 13, 2014

Hi everyone, and happy Thursday! I couldn’t be happier the weekend is almost here. A white button down is an essential in any girls wardrobe. It can be worn in such a variety of ways that it could easily be one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. The beauty of it is that it can be worn in just about any season. In fall/winter, layer it with sweaters, blazers, and coats, and in spring/summer, pair it with preppy shorts or flowy skirts. J. Crew and Gap make really great ones. I know, they are a little much for a shirt on a college budget (sadly) but the one I bought at Forever 21 lasted me all of two weeks. For such an important piece, it’s worth spending more than your average $15 at F21. Here are 10 ways (although there are tons more) to style your white button down:

1. Super relaxed and summery with boyfriend jeans and loafers.

2. Super layered to fight off a chilly day.

3. Add nude stilettos and a classic coat to with your boyfriend jeans look that’s more polished.

4. Bright shorts add a perfect pop of color to a summer outfit.

5. Layered under a sweater for a preppy look but leather pants keep it edgy.

6. A gold metallic skirt combo makes for a perfect evening look.

7. Black skinnies and a jean jacket are timeless classics.

8. Tie up the bottom and throw on with a midi skirt for a springtime stroll.

9. A perfect day to night look with a mini skirt and bold jewelry.

10. Go for classic prep with ballet flats and khaki shorts.

{All images via Pinterest}

I hope this gave you some inspiration to shop your own closet to create some of these combos!



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