Striped Shirts

August 16, 2017

So I have an addiction to stripes. Which definitely isn’t news to you guys if you’ve been following along. I mean, last week I unintentionally wore something striped every single day to work…one of my coworkers even noticed and was like, are you wearing stripes again? I didn’t even realize. Oops. But hey, what’s a stripe loving girl to do?! Well, just keep buying and wearing stripes, I suppose. Haha! There’s just something so classic and polished about stripes that…

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Cute Workout Clothes

August 15, 2017

Happy Tuesday! Hope you guys all had an awesome weekend. I had pretty much no plans and loved every second of it. On Saturday I had the day to myself so I went shopping, painted my nails, and pretty much just had a “treat yourself” day. It was much needed! On Sunday I had lunch with my Mom at Nordstrom and we poked around the mall a little bit. Overall it was a super relaxing weekend. After being out of…

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This and That No. 33

August 11, 2017

Hi guys and happy happy Friday! This week went by crazy fast for me– anyone else feel the same?! I’ve had a lot on my plate this week and I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Otherwise nothing super exciting to update you on in my world! 1 // Homemade Caesar Dressing I’ve been on a salad kick lately and I’ve been making this healthy Caesar dressing a bunch. My mom always makes it but for some reason I never…

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Straw Hats

August 10, 2017

Today’s post is a little late because a work happy hour got in the way, woops! Priorities though, am I right?! Happy hour is the best hour in my book. Especially on Friday eve! This week was a long one for sure, and tonight was a much needed break and fun way to catch up with my coworkers. Now I’m catching up for the evening, lighting a candle and having a cozy night in getting some blogging done! So, in…

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